Hello, world! (part 2) October 30, 2022 on raiguard's blog

So far, my promise of "consistent, entertaining, and/or informative blog posts to come" has failed spectacularly.

When I originally created this blog, I was still living in my parents' basement, working a 9-5 remote tech support job, and wasting tons of time. I knew that I was quitting my job soon, so my motivation at work plummeted and I was really lazy for all of July.

That all changed once August came around. I quit my job, moved out of my parents' basement, and began attending college. This is the primary reason why my blog has fallen by the wayside - it just hasn't been a high enough priority between my studies and other side projects.

But now, I am settled in enough to start writing on this thing! The blog itself still needs some work - I need to get images to display properly, embed videos and asciinemas, and get code syntax highlighting before I can write the truly meaty posts. I have a goal to do it all from scratch - no static site generators here! The shell script I wrote about in my last post has received some updates to compile SCSS, extract the dates and titles from each blog to format them nicely, and I have cleaned things up significantly.

I will attempt to get images and code highlighting working in time to write a post about Ultimate Research Queue - a new Factorio mod I've been working on. I hope you will look forward to it!